Flat Cable 100 Meter/Roll PVC Insolated PVC Sheathed Pure Copper Electrical Wire 2 Core 3 Core


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Insulation: PVC

Conductor TypeSolid

Conductor Material: Oxgen Free Pure Copper

ColourRed Black Blue Yellow Green, other colors are available upon request

Application: Rated voltage 450/750V and less than 450/750V AC for power plant, household electrical appliance, instrument, and telecommunication equipment.

  • Main of cables features
  • 1,Uo/U is 450/750V,300/500,
  • 2,Long-term allowable temperature of the cable:The allowable temperature of 105 Cable should not exceed 105℃, the allowable temperature of other models should not exceed 70℃.
  • 3, Color: With Green/Yellow core, other
  • 4, Outer :PVC
  • 5, Number of earth cores:1

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